“I am very happy my surgery went well, as soon as I return home I will ask my father if I can still have a chance to go to school. I am very grateful to the doctors, nurses and the team which brought me here for treatment, at first my father was so worried he allowed me to travel after a lot of convincing and being shown pictures of similar people who had a condition like mine, now he will be surprised”,

Cleft Lip | Mr. Thomson

Thomson 18 years old, was born with a cleft lip, the family did not have access to treatment. His childhood was not an easy one because of being bullied by fellow children because of his looks. Due to the deformity and stigma his parents locked him in the house, he could not attend school again. “Frankly speaking I feel ashamed, at this age I don’t know how to read or write”

Whenever Thomson is being interviewed, he is very shy and ashamed of this looks. “This condition is so annoying, especially for a young boy like me” says Thomson, who struggles to speak due to his condition. “People stare at me every time I go out. It makes me feel very awful, I always wondered if there was anything I could do to change fixes my problem, but unfortunately nobody knew where to go.

Thomson was finally brought to CCBRT for treatment after meeting with CCBRT’s awareness team, when they visited his village in Momba district early 2022 to create awareness for free treatment of Fistula, Cleft lip and other deformities


Thomson Before Treatment

Picture taken before Cleft Lip Treatment for Thomson at CCBRT


Thomson After Treatment

Picture was taken after Cleft Lip Treatment for Thomson at CCBRT

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