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Support for Club Foot

CCBRT is committed to the future of many children whose wellbeing depends on continued access to care. Support CCBRT’s initiatives in increasing access to high quality, affordable and effective clubfoot treatment in Tanzania.

Cleft Lip & Palate

A baby with a cleft is born every 3 minutes. These babies can experience isolation and often face prejudice in their communities. No child deserves to feel like an outcast. You can save a child’s life and restore their smiles by supporting their treatment.

Support for Fistula

According to UNFPA (2022), In Tanzania it is estimated around 10,000 women live with obstetric fistula, and a further 1,500-3,000 develop the condition each year. The majority of women who come for fistula treatment are poor and unable to pay for their transport, meals and accommodation while undergoing treatment at the hospital. Donate now to support the treatment of a Fistula patient!


Rehabilitation helps a child, to be as independent as possible in everyday activities and enables participation in school and meaningful life roles. In many parts, this increasing need for rehabilitation is largely unmet. More than half of people living in middle income countries who require rehabilitation services do not receive them. Support a child, donate now!

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