Manka Age 5yrs Old diagnosed with cerebral palsy

Manka was already eight months old when her parents noticed she was not developing like any other normal child. Both her legs and hands were weak and not working properly, recalls her mother Agnes.

Agnes met a mother of a child who also had a similar problem and advised her to visit CCBRT Moshi for treatment. Manka was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Since then, the family has been receiving home visits from CCBRT’s community programme team and the family has been attending Week of Intensive Treatment at CCBRT’s house of hope for therapy sessions.

“I am very grateful to be referred here, Manka has started treatment,” Agnes explains, “she is very excited learning new things and already, in a short time, I can see some development. Now I can leave her alone for a while and do some economic activities for the family’s wellbeing. Before Manka’s treatment I could not leave her alone, I had to stop farming activities because she needed my support but now am glad I can go back to making a living “says Agnes.
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