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CCBRT Private Polyclinic
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Monday – Friday
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07:30 AM – 12:00 PM
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24 HRS

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CCBRT Hospital

Private Services

CCBRT’s private polyclinic provides both general and specialist services to patients. In 2004, CCBRT began its social enterprise journey by offering private services that help to subsidise the cost of care provided at the subsidized hospital for patients who cannot afford crucial health services

Appointment based services

CCBRT provides private services to patients using the same clinicians and clinical services as the subsidized Hospital but at an adjusted price, serving patients willing and able to pay more for fast-track service and amenities.  This cross-subsidisation model upholds our mission to serve Tanzania’s poorest and most vulnerable citizens — regardless of ability to pay — while simultaneously bolstering our commitment to financial responsibility and sustainability. CCBRT’s larger facility has consultation, treatment, and operating rooms in a clinic space designated for patients paying premium fees for their services. The greater space and updated infrastructure means CCBRT’s Private Clinic is able to accommodate larger patient volume, generating additional revenue to subsidise services for low-income patients in our subsidized Hospital.
Evening & weekend clinics
Our private services are extended to evening and weekend clinics, to give flexibility and options to working patients to choose best timings to suit their busy schedule.